The Fourth Trimester Project- A Journey of Healing

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A doula is a person that helps create the environment with a birthing person and their partner. They do this by helping them by supporting their physical, mental, emotional needs. When this support is provided, it allows families to focus on what is the most important to them- the story of their little one's arrival.

What is the purpose of a doula?

Utah Birth Doula SErvices

Informed decisions come from a place where you feel safe and  have all of the information you need to make a decision. I'll walk you through what you can expect when you hire me. There isn't a rush, take your time, and feel confident in your decision.

The Experience

1. Free Consultation

2. Intake Forms, Contract, & Pay Retainer

4. On call 37 weeks

5. Birth & Labor support

6. Postpartum Appointment

3. Prenatal Appointments

Your Doula Experience

After the birth, we will schedule a postpartum appointment within the first two weeks. We will talk about your birth experience, go over your postpartum plan, and I will give you resources as well. Any postpartum add-ons from your package will also be included

When you have decided to hire me and let me know, I'll send an email out to you with forms (general information) an contract (for you to know what to expect and have a mutual agreement) and a $475 non-refundable retainer. Once those are sent, your due date is reserved.

In our consultation, we will get to know each other and the details of your birth. I take the time to help expecting parents to decide what their goals and personal beliefs are about birth. I will also go over how I provide support for you to decide if those match your goals & beliefs.

I provide support when you need me. I remind couples that virtual support during pre-labor is in the best interest for you. At one point in active labor, you will find that additional support is needed and I will attend your birth when you call me. I stay up to 2 hours after the birth.

While I will attend your birth if you go into labor before 37 weeks, I will not be on call. On call means that I am able to attend your birth within the designated timeframe, have a back-up available, and have my phone on me 24/7. I am on call until the arrival of your baby after 37 weeks.

I offer 2 prenatal appointments, they give us the time to connect and prepare for your birth. I talk about comfort measures, birth plans, postpartum plans, labor preparation, and give resources to other professionals. I encourage birth partners to attend as well.

My Approach to Doulawork

Imagine yourself in labor. You surrender yourself to the birthing process, every single moment is connecting you to your baby. Your partner is right by your side, encouraging every moment. When you are discouraged, your partner is right there. They know you best and know exactly the best way to encourage and support you on an intimate level.
Where will I be? I will be making sure your all of your other needs are met so your partner can stay right by your side. I will be the one grabbing water, cool rags. You can focus internally while I offer new birthing positions for you. You may not have noticed it, but I was there to remind your partner to go rest, and I stepped in the meantime. I repeat the affirmations you need to hear. I am quietly in the corner, taking pictures that will take you back to the circle of love you created around you. I'm here to enhance your experience. I nurture the environment you need to be empowered. Everything about your beautiful birthing experience is because of the strength and the divine within you.

Pricing & experience

What you can expect while working with me




Postpartum Appointments- $35/Hr.

On Call starting 38 weeks
Two Prenatal Appointments
5-10 minute call to meet your back-up doula
In person labor support for you and your partner starting active labor, ending two hours after delivery
Virtual Support during pregnancy
and early labor
Meal delivery after Labor
Lending Doula Basket
Personalized Affirmations
One Postpartum Visit
Resource List of local professionals
for pregnancy and postpartum stages
Discounted Massage Prices
One Postpartum Appointment


There is not one specific way "the best birth" would look like. As a parent, you intuitively know what your ideal birth looks like for you. Creating and communicating your birth preferences help your team understand how they can best support your ideal birth. Not only should your birth team be on board with your birth preferences and goals, but your location should too. The environment of a home birth is very different from a hospital, and your goals, values, and ideologies might be better supported in one location more than the other. 

The birth location that aligns with you

Comparing Birth locations

"Eva was amazing through the birthing process. She gave me the guidance I needed beforehand and in the moment to help my wife with laboring. When our birth didn’t go as planned, she was ready with methods to help things along, words of encouragement, tools, and creating and atmosphere for my wife to be successful in the type of birth we had hoped for. Somehow through all of this, she was also able to capture incredible photos of the process. The photos we have now are great reminders of what we did during a pivotal moment in our lives as a family." 

What Clayton said:

"Eva is incredible, she took our engagement photos and then was also our doula for my sons birth. My son was being born 8 weeks early and as you can imagine I was stressed, she made sure I was as calm as possible and catered to my every needs. "

what Alexis Said:

"Eva did my maternity photos, my birth photos and my family photos. She is always so professional and kind and her pictures are beautiful! She is very responsive and pays attention to little details. I was a little apprehensive about having a photographer at my birth but I am so glad I did! Eva added a great calm energy to my birth and I will forever treasure the photos she took!" 

what courtney said:

"Eva was great! I texted her when I went into labor and she came right away. She was kind and confident in her role. She knew how to stay out of the way of the nurses and doctors and still get amazing photos - documenting the birth story of my first born. She conversed with my family and honestly helped the atmosphere in the room stay light and happy. I would definitely choose her again!" 

what Katie Says:

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I want to learn more

The first 6 months of my life was a haze. I was robbed- from my memories and my presence as a new mother. 
This is the point of the Fourth Trimester Project. To reclaim, restore, and give parents back the opportunity to heal and to bond through photos.  

A Documentary series to continue the conversation about postpartum

The first 6 months of my life was a haze. Postpartum ideally is a cherished stage of parenthood. I was a new mother, it was suppose to be a journey of healing, an intimate period of bonding. But frankly, I was robbed- from my memories and my presence as a new mother. As I try to claim it back, and I find myself doing that by looking back to my phone recordings and photos.
This is the point of the Fourth Trimester Project. To reclaim, restore, and give parents back the opportunity to heal and to bond.  I encourage all families/ parents to apply and participate.